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holding forth

Solo Exhibition in the Korman Gallery of The Clay Studio of Philadelphia

Making is a way for me to feel out the space carved by my gestures, and to outline that space with matter so I can offer it out to other bodies.  The material container created is only of necessity; it holds forth the space more than it insists on its own presence, ideally disappearing into the felt experience of the work.  Through a minimalist design that attracts the quiet eye and responsive touch, my forms invite you to access your own silence, listening to the echoes of my gestures for the arousal of your own resonance.

My pieces of necessity engage the physical senses but also exercise the mental, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual capacities that we use to understand our world.  These experiences affect our senses of self and other; of immanence; of mental and emotional processing; of transformation; or of time, among others.  Feeding vessels, for example, hold forth ideas about self and other:  these vessels hold forth the space of generosity, empathy, and vulnerability that exist in the moment of two people feeding each other.  Thus, the heart of this work lies in its quiet receptivity, wherein it holds our changing perceptions of our world.

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