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The Poetics of Glaze Chemistry Workshop at Idyllwild Arts

Approach your surfaces and color palette with the same confident sense of artistry that you use in your forming process. Getting to know ceramic raw materials can be a direct and personal experience. This workshop will help you find an approach that is comfortable and that fits your natural ways of working. With your aesthetic intentions at the core of your explorations, we will apply scientific methods in an intuitive, open-ended and creative way. This workshop will equip you with scientific and creative techniques that will help you hone your use of color and surface qualities in order to realize your aesthetic intentions. You will learn fun and easy ways to perform tests with glazes and decorating slips in order to learn the qualities of various raw materials, explore trends in color response, adjust surface properties, add visual and tactile textures, and discover new recipes. The aim of your work will be to develop a unique palette of colors and surfaces, by guiding your own experiments that include color runs, line blends, equal part blends, triaxial and quadraxial blends, and individually designed blends. You  will be making test tiles and tests for cone 6 firings.

June 23 - 29, 2019

Idyllwild Arts Hot Clay Summer Program