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Making / Meaning: Building Thoughts into Form - Workshop at Saratoga Clay Arts Center

Domestic ceramic objects are landmarks of the physical, emotional, and relational topographies we use to navigate our lived stories around food, self, and each other.  As thoughtful makers, we consider the larger purposes served by our work, and we choose studio processes and aesthetic qualities that manifest our intentional shaping of gestures and lives.  We are not just making bowls to hold soup – we are building receptive spaces into experience, to find moments of compassion and generosity in a handheld vessel.

During this workshop, we will use dialogue and writing exercises to clarify the thoughts, inspirations, emotions, and knowledge that we integrate into our artwork.  Through two- and three-dimensional sketching, we will align this conceptual content with the materials, processes, and forms that we choose to manifest.  Demonstrations will include forming methods such as pinching, coiling, throwing and altering, solid prototype building, press molding, and erosive shaping.  At the end of the weekend, we will emerge with a new sense of purpose as makers of meaningful things within contemporary culture.

167 Hayes Road; Schuylerville, NY  12871